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Interior Designer or Online Planning Tools?

There are so many ‘free’ options when it comes to planning for your renovation. Online planning tools, apps, Facebook advice groups… the list goes on. But do these services really provide you with the answers that you seek? Do they design a space best suits your needs?

While the answer is rather subjective, the most obvious answer is no, and here are some reasons why.

Online platforms know nothing about you or your project.

Interior designers provide a more personalised service than online planning tools offered by the mass producers. They take into account your specific needs, wants, lifestyle, as well as the architectural features and layout of the space. This ensures that the final design is tailored to you, and that the design will best function for your needs.

Online Platforms are limited.

Interior designers can provide a much more holistic approach to the design process, considering not only the aesthetics but also the functionality, safety, and accessibility of the space. They can think creatively and come up with customised solutions that would not otherwise be available through mass producers or online planning tools.

Additionally, interior designers often have access to a wide range of products and finishes that are not available through mass producers or online planning tools. They can also source hard-to-find pieces or design custom-made joinery items, which can add character and personality to your space.

Online advice can be very general.

There are many groups available through social media that allow you to gain advice and recommendations from other members. However, this advice may not come from experts, and the advice may not be accurate. While groups can provide a basic level of design and planning assistance, they cannot match the level of personalisation, expertise, and creativity that an experienced interior designer can provide.

Interior designers offer the full package.

Interior designers will work with you to ensure that the outcome is ideal for you and your situation. They understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach and that each solution needs to be carefully considered and refined with their client in mind. They have the ability to generate concepts that you will be able to approve and move forward with. They have the ability to create renders and visualisations that can help you to better understand the design and make informed decisions. And, they have the skills to create design packages that you will be able to work from. Ultimately, interior designers are there to guide you through the process and ensure that the outcome is designed for YOU.

While the free options may sound appealing in the early stages of your project, are the outcomes of their advice or design tools going to provide you with the result you need? Or are they going to cost you more time, effort and money down the track?

If you are unsure on your approach, it is certainly recommended that you speak with an interior designer to better understand how they may be able to assist you. Most often, the level of service that you will receive will far outweigh the cost of the service.

And given the investment you make when undertaking a renovation/new build, it is worth considering an interior designer to help achieve a quality, well-thought out, customised design.


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